Sunday, June 5, 2011

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Will my Thai girlfriend get a 2nd tourist visa to the UK.?

Will my Thai girlfriend get a 2nd tourist visa to the UK.?

I have already been a sponsor for my Thai girlfriend to come to the UK. We got the UK holiday visa in May 2010. The visa was issued for six months. My girlfriend came to the UK in May 2010 and now it is November and time for her to return to Thailand.

Will my Thai girlfriend get a 2nd tourist visa to the UK

As your Thai girlfriend has immigration history with the British embassy you are in a good position to apply for another visa. The problem is the amount of time she remained in the UK. A UK Tourist visa is issued for the reason of a holiday, the British embassy could easily take the view that people cannot take a six month holiday and are therefore misusing the UK Tourist Visa.

When you girlfriend returns to Thailand in November 2010 I would suggest that you wait for 6 or 7 months and perhaps reapply for the second visa in June 2011.
I would also suggest that your girlfriend starts paid employment when returning to Thailand, keeping all of the payslips etc.

If you need any advice please contact us at any time. We are a visa company based in Pattaya. The Company is Key Visa Thailand.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Thai girlfriend that will never get a UK travel visa

This week I was contacted by a British man that met a Thai bar girl in January 2010. July 2010 he returned to Thailand to share a two week holiday with her. He reported that they had a great time together; traveling to Phucket, Krabi, Bangkok and Pattaya.

His Thai girlfriend no longer works at the bar as he now sends her 15000 Baht a month while in the UK helping to support her and her family back in the Thai village.

Towards the end of the holiday they decided that for the next holiday the Thai girlfriend should visit the UK. This would help the British boyfriend out as he has ran out of holiday days from work.. (Though it is worth remembering that in the UK you can request to take unpaid holidays)

When the British man returned to the UK he contacted our office and explained that he wanted to get a UK visitors visa and his girlfriend had a friend at the embassy that for a fee would sneak her passport into the embassy and personally put the visa in the passport.

Obviously the man from the embassy wanted a backhander of 40,000 Baht, and also told his Thai girlfriend that she would need another 40,000 Baht in her bank account for the visa.

The British man was unsure if to believe his girlfriend and contacted us so we could give him our opinion.

The first point I made was; why would a man from the embassy who can stamp the visa into the passport also request that the girlfriend put more money into her bank account. If he can issue the visa without an application, why would he need to see her bank account?

The Thai girlfriend told our staff member that she wasn’t interested in going to England.

I asked a Thai member of our staff to contact the girlfriend and explain that the British boyfriend had contacted us about a visa, who also explained how our office works and how we could over time ensure that a visa would be granted. The Thai girlfriend told our staff member that she wasn’t interested in going to England.

It is obvious that in this case the Thai girlfriend was trying to get 80,000 Baht from the British boyfriend with no intention of traveling to England. We know that it is not possible for a member of staff at the embassy to grant a visa without a correct and complete visa application with supporting documents.

The British man took the news very well but I could tell he was angry, he didn’t understand why she would try to con him for money as it sends it to her every month.

Don’t believe everything you hear in Thailand, not everything is as it seems. Saying that, not all people in Thailand are out to con you. Some of the Thai girls are looking for a relationship and some are only looking for fast cash.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Holiday Villas Pattaya

Normally I only give information and advice about getting your girlfriend a visa back to the UK

But it occurred to me today that it might be a good idea to spend time with your girlfriend away from a hotel and all of the comforts that it offers, like maid service, room service.

Why not consider booking into a house or holiday villa in Pattaya. This will give both you and your girlfriend a great opportunity to get to know each other better.

Without hotel distractions, maybe you can cook for each other, go shopping for food and other house hold products.

What I am trying to say is spend some real time with your girlfriend before bringing her to the UK

For more information

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Problems Your Thai girlfriend will face in the uk

Problems Your Thai girlfriend will face in the uk

When men contact us about getting a travel visa to allow their Thai girlfriend into the UK, normally the information requested is only about getting the travel document issued. Getting the visa is only the first part of a larger situation.

We now issue full advice about getting your home ready for when your Thai girlfriend arrives. This will help you understand the problems your Thai girlfriend will face in the UK

The information includes
  • Getting your home ready
  • Getting the correct food for your girlfriend
  • Thai girlfriend in colder climates and how to keep her warm
  • Losing Face and why it is bad for a Thai
  • Being lonely and so far from home

It is as important for you to understand the problems your Thai girlfriend will face in the UK. By understanding you will be able to make her stay so much more enjoyable. If her experience in the UK with you is bad, the relationship could fail so taking some small steps will help your relationship and help keep your girlfriend happy

The information is available to all of Key Visa Clients

For more information go to

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Money cannot buy a visa.

Today I was contacted by a man in Pattaya, He is from the UK. He owns a house in Spain, England and Jomtien. At the end of March 2010 he will be returning to Spain for two months, then moving on to the UK. In July 2010 will be returning back to Thailand.

He met a Thai lady in a Beer bar in Pattaya in December and would like her to return to Europe with him.

After asking a couple of questions, it became very clear that at this time his new Thai girlfriend will not be granted a visa. I also told him that two visas would be needed,

1) For Spain
2) For the UK

He thought that one visa would allow his girlfriend free travel around Europe. People in Pattaya bars had told him this was the case.

I tried to explain this to him, but he quickly became annoyed, telling me that his new girlfriend will return to Thailand because he has a home in Jomtien. My reply was that his assets are not hers. Even with assets the British embassy would not grant a visa because they cannot show that they are in a real relationship.

This is important to understand, the reason why neither the Spanish or British immigration would grant his girlfriend a visa is to protect her. After knowing him for a hand full of weeks, no embassy would think it safe for her to travel to a foreign country with a man she hardly knows.

Money cannot buy a visa.

He then said, In Thailand everything can be bought, how much it will cost to buy a visa and bypass the application. He was not happy with my explanation which explained that British visas are not issued in Thailand, but on British soil, making it impossible to buy them from under the table. Money cannot buy a visa. Not a British one anyway.

The conversation went on a while with him trying any angle to get the answer that he wanted to hear.

My final advice to him was, go back to Spain and the UK, keeping in touch with your Thai girlfriend. When you return in July 2010 bring all of the contact evidence to our office and we can then give you an accurate time scale of when a visa will be issued.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

All in the name of a visa she does not want and will not apply for.

We meet many couples that are genuine. They come to us because they are looking at getting a visa so she can return to the UK for a holiday. In my cases our work is extremely rewarding. Meeting British guys that have Thai girlfriends, she wants to go to the UK and he wants her there as soon as possible.

Every now and then we meet couples not in the same situation. For instance today I was introduced to a British man that would like to arrange for his Thai girlfriend to visit the UK

The man is presently in the UK. After speaking with him for a few minutes a felt that the relationship wasn’t quiet right.

He explained that his Thai girlfriend had told him to get a visa it would be a good idea for her to Travel. This would leave immigration stamps in her passport that would show that she returns to Thailand within the time scale given.

I asked him where is Thai girlfriend is today, he explained that she was in Hongkok for three days and when she returns would be traveling on to Cambodia. Then when back in the UK she would be able to apply for a UK visa.

Your Thai girlfriend traveling to Hong Kong or Cambodia without you will not help in any way towards applying for a UK visa.

Without any other information I conclude that his Thai girlfriend is presently having a fantastic holiday in a 5 star holet with her latest boyfriend that needed some company to travel south east asia with.

She needed a story as to why she would be away from Thailand so she chose to tell him half a truth. Not only is she in Hong Kong on a all inclusive holiday, plus payment for services in kind, her British boyfriend sent her money to cover her air fare, hotel and spending money.

Can you believe was she has done

She has convinced her boyfriend that she needs to travel to Hongkong to help get a visa, so he has given her the money for the trip. Then she has flown off on holiday, first banking the money from the boyfriend. Then on her return to Thailand will be banking the money for her services in Kind.

All in the name of a visa she does not want and will not apply for.