Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Money cannot buy a visa.

Today I was contacted by a man in Pattaya, He is from the UK. He owns a house in Spain, England and Jomtien. At the end of March 2010 he will be returning to Spain for two months, then moving on to the UK. In July 2010 will be returning back to Thailand.

He met a Thai lady in a Beer bar in Pattaya in December and would like her to return to Europe with him.

After asking a couple of questions, it became very clear that at this time his new Thai girlfriend will not be granted a visa. I also told him that two visas would be needed,

1) For Spain
2) For the UK

He thought that one visa would allow his girlfriend free travel around Europe. People in Pattaya bars had told him this was the case.

I tried to explain this to him, but he quickly became annoyed, telling me that his new girlfriend will return to Thailand because he has a home in Jomtien. My reply was that his assets are not hers. Even with assets the British embassy would not grant a visa because they cannot show that they are in a real relationship.

This is important to understand, the reason why neither the Spanish or British immigration would grant his girlfriend a visa is to protect her. After knowing him for a hand full of weeks, no embassy would think it safe for her to travel to a foreign country with a man she hardly knows.

Money cannot buy a visa.

He then said, In Thailand everything can be bought, how much it will cost to buy a visa and bypass the application. He was not happy with my explanation which explained that British visas are not issued in Thailand, but on British soil, making it impossible to buy them from under the table. Money cannot buy a visa. Not a British one anyway.

The conversation went on a while with him trying any angle to get the answer that he wanted to hear.

My final advice to him was, go back to Spain and the UK, keeping in touch with your Thai girlfriend. When you return in July 2010 bring all of the contact evidence to our office and we can then give you an accurate time scale of when a visa will be issued.

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  1. Getting a visa is some what a hard thing to do because you should appear in person and should be honest while in interview. Once you get denied, you cannot buy the visa for you. So you should prove that you're deserving to have one.