Saturday, February 20, 2010

All in the name of a visa she does not want and will not apply for.

We meet many couples that are genuine. They come to us because they are looking at getting a visa so she can return to the UK for a holiday. In my cases our work is extremely rewarding. Meeting British guys that have Thai girlfriends, she wants to go to the UK and he wants her there as soon as possible.

Every now and then we meet couples not in the same situation. For instance today I was introduced to a British man that would like to arrange for his Thai girlfriend to visit the UK

The man is presently in the UK. After speaking with him for a few minutes a felt that the relationship wasn’t quiet right.

He explained that his Thai girlfriend had told him to get a visa it would be a good idea for her to Travel. This would leave immigration stamps in her passport that would show that she returns to Thailand within the time scale given.

I asked him where is Thai girlfriend is today, he explained that she was in Hongkok for three days and when she returns would be traveling on to Cambodia. Then when back in the UK she would be able to apply for a UK visa.

Your Thai girlfriend traveling to Hong Kong or Cambodia without you will not help in any way towards applying for a UK visa.

Without any other information I conclude that his Thai girlfriend is presently having a fantastic holiday in a 5 star holet with her latest boyfriend that needed some company to travel south east asia with.

She needed a story as to why she would be away from Thailand so she chose to tell him half a truth. Not only is she in Hong Kong on a all inclusive holiday, plus payment for services in kind, her British boyfriend sent her money to cover her air fare, hotel and spending money.

Can you believe was she has done

She has convinced her boyfriend that she needs to travel to Hongkong to help get a visa, so he has given her the money for the trip. Then she has flown off on holiday, first banking the money from the boyfriend. Then on her return to Thailand will be banking the money for her services in Kind.

All in the name of a visa she does not want and will not apply for.

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