Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How do I marry my Thai wife in Thailand

Thailand has two different options available when you want to get married. Thai people have a Buddhist ceremony with 9 monks blessing the couple. This type of marriage is not legally binding and is not recognised anywhere in the world. To get separated from your Thai wife after this type of marriage you just walk away from your Thai wife, you do not need a divorce as the marriage is not legal and binding.

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Getting legally married in Thailand

Getting legally married in Thailand is the same as getting legally married anywhere in the world. Both you and your Thai wife would sign a marriage certificate which would be registered with the British embassy in Bangkok. If you legally marry your Thai girlfriend making her your Thai wife, it is the same as marrying a lady in the UK. If at any later date the relationship failed and you required a divorce, you would get a divorce through the Thai Judicial system.

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