Friday, March 13, 2009

Why Thais are refused UK Visas.

Why Thais are refused UK Visas.

Of recent it has become more difficult for a Thai girlfriend or Thai boyfriend to obtain a visa to the UK. The UK has of implemented new guidelines to all immigration officers to try to reduce the amount of human trafficking coming into the UK.
Certain people in the UK trick Thais to come to the UK with promise of work with high pay. The airfare is paid and visa arranged by the person in the UK. When the Thai arrives in the UK there travel documents and passport are removed from them and very often forced to work as a prostitute to pay off the money owed for the airfare to the UK.

When a Thai is caught in this situation it is very hard for them to get out of. If they refuse to work they are beaten and tortured, in a foreign country with no friends or family they have little choice but to follow instructions and hope that they can get away.

Like all rules made to protect people, they also restrict other people. It is obvious why the UK immigration department has made these changes, nobody would like to see a person forced into prostitution.

Apply the correct way for a UK Tourist visa for your Thai girlfriend

Get a UK visa for your Thai girlfriend

It is still possible for you to get a UK visa for your Thai girlfriend without being refused. Remember that the UK visa officer is searching for the evidence of a real relationship between the UK sponsor and the Thai girlfriend. This can be provided by giving evidence of supporting your Thai girlfriend, telephone calls, emails and the visits you make.

Find out how to get a uk settlement visa for your Thai girlfriend

Thais are refused UK visas because of a lack of evidence to suggest that they are in a real relationship with the UK sponsor.

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