Monday, December 21, 2009

Thai Girlfriend Travel England and Ireland

Hi I am a dual Irish and British citizen. I met my Thai girlfriend in Pattaya and we speak on the phone every day.

I would like to apply for a visa so my Thai girlfriend can travel to England and Ireland. I would like is so she can come to England to see where I live and then travel to Ireland to meet my family. Will my Thai girlfriend be able to travel to both England and Ireland on a British tourist visa?

This will not be an achievable. Getting a visa for England will be the easier of the two as you the sponsor live there etc. For your girlfriend to be able to travel to Ireland, a separate visa will be needed, a visa from the Irish embassy.

A British visa will allow your Thai girlfriend to visit

Northern Ireland

An Irish visa will allow your Thai girlfriend to travel to


I am not recommending or giving the following information as advice, but only explaining what other people in your situation have done in the same position.
After obtaining a UK tourist visa, your girlfriend will be able to visit England and Northern Ireland. If you were to book a flight from England to Belfast and then hire a car, from what I understand there are no checks at the Northern Ireland – Southern Ireland border,

The correct way to enter both England and Ireland would be to make two separate visa application, one with the British embassy and one with the Irish Embassy. But knowing how difficult it can be to obtain visas, I have a strong feeling that one of the two will be refused, the country you do not reside in.

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