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Thai Girlfriend and Dont want to get married

We get asked questions that the answerers are obvious, and the real reason for the visa application is obvious, in this case, my guess is the UK boyfriend wants to get his Thai girlfriend that he dosent really know back to the UK so she can work, he says he dosent want to marry, but thinks it is the only way to get her a visa.

Thai Girlfriend and Dont want to get married

This is the UK boyfriends first email to us

I have a girlfriend in Thailand; I am planning to visit Thailand next year to meet her and get to know her better. I would like her to live in the United Kingdom with me and i know she needs a work permit and a visa.

I was told that she will be refused a visa to live in England for many reasons. I understand it won’t be easy, I also know that marriage will give a good chance for her to move to England. I am eighteen years old; she is twenty six years old. I don't just won’t to marry her so she can move to England with me, and i don't plan to marry her so soon at a young age, i will ask for marriage later when the time is right, the main reason is love.

I don't know where to start with all this. I know first i will keep visiting and get to know her really well, but how should i go about marriage with her so she can live with me in England? Do i visit Thailand as a tourist for a couple of months and marry her within that time? and sort out all the required information needed for her immigration to England? After we are married and we are still in Thailand do we request a visa for her still within that time so she can move back with me to England? I really require your help and in the most detailed reply you can provide, i am very grateful if you can be a great help towards my relationship. Also i thought a visa to visit Thailand was a bank card like a visa in England? Someone told me this is not a bank account can you explain what a visa is to visit Thailand?

I think maybe this is a bank card were if i request money from a cash machine in Thailand it will withdraw the cash from my English bank account and transfer this to a Thailand cash machine ready to collect? like a visa card as a shortcut to my bank account in England? am i correct? Thank you for your help.

This is my visa advice to him

HI Ashley

My first bit of advice is DO NOT MARRY FOR A VISA, that is crazy,

Second always apply for a tourist visa first, please note you DO NOT HAVE TO BE MARRIED To get a tourist visa.


You need to prove that you have known your Thai partner for longer than six months, you can do this be calling her on the telephone keeping phone bills, Skype, emails, letters. Visit her in Thailand and check into the hotel under both names – not just your name.

When you are in Thailand book a flight with her and keep the boarding cards.

Takes lots of photos, not just on the beach.

Keep all evidence of the relationship

If you can do the above we can get you a visa. Even with the evidence that I have asked for you will still need to prove that your partner will return to Thailand at the end of the visa. We know what the embassy needs to see so we are certain with your help we can obtain you a UK tourist visa, (without getting married)

It takes many months to obtain a visa,
If you would more information, please let me know, BUT DO NOT GET MARRIED TO OBTAIN A VISA

UK boyfriends final reply

I am not getting married to obtain a visa. I want her to live in the uk with me but marriage is the only way for her to live with me in england. What is a visa when traveling to another country? is it a bank account? is it a shortcut to withdraw money from your bank account at home which then transfers it to a cash machine in thailand?

Also how should i do this entire scenario? when the time is right and i have known her long enough and i have decided to marry her, should i visit thailand as a tourist and within that time marry her? Then do everything that is needed for her to move to thailand, will i be able to marry her as a tourist and sort out all the things needed for her to move back to england with me all within my time allowed there as a tourist?

All i wan't is for her to live with me in england but to do that i need to marry her.. and before i marry her i will visit her and get to know her better.

Also about my girlfriend, i know alot about thai's, my girlfriend is not interested in money and certainly not interested in staying in Thailand or moving, she is a decent Thai girl, one i love very much. Do i have no choice but to pay money to her parents if i marry her? she says that she is not sure if i have to pay but if it is an option she would rather i did not pay any money. She only wants to be with me.

My final thoughts

This guy has been to Thailand once, had a great holiday and met a local bar girl that kept him warm on those cold Thai evenings (you know what I mean). On returning to the UK finding love is not as easy as dropping 20 pounds into a local girls lap. He obviously is emailing or calling his holiday lover, and that is all she is.

I can not give this person any more advice and i doubt he will be in contact with her in six months time. The embassy would never grant her a visa to visit him in the UK. If he were to return to Thailand I guess he would find a new lover, one that is less than 26. Thailand has alot of lovers on offer and it is easy to find a new one every day of the week.

My real advice to him is, forget Thailand, build a life in the UK and come here for a holiday, at 18 you are too young to play around with the Thai ladys of Pattaya, they will eat him alive..

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