Sunday, October 11, 2009

UK Visa information 2009

2009 and the UK visa rules

The credit crunch of 2009 pushed many British men back from Thailand to the UK. Many of these men are now trying to get their Thai girlfriends and wife’s back to the UK, but with no money and no job, there is little chance of a visa being issued.

UK Visa question 2009

I have been living in Thailand for the last 6 years.
Me and my new Thai girlfriend lived together for over two years. She always took care of my children. The children are not hers but form a former relationship I was in with a Thai lady.

As we lived together for two years, we have no evidence of being together, her name is not in the Thai house book, and her driving license is still registered to her parents’ home in the village. We have no letters, phone records or Emails.
As I returned to the UK because I have run out of money and cannot afford to stay in Thailand I am now living with my sisters in the UK. I am looking for work, but with the credit crunch there isnt much work about and what is available is low pay, so I will not be able to get my own place for a while.
I would like to get my girlfriend a visa so she can come and live with me here in the UK, if she could work also we could get a place between us. My sister says that she will be the sponsor. Do you think a she will get a Visa.

UK Visa information 2009

Only married partners may apply for a UK settlement visa, this is the only visa available that will allow your Thai partner back to the UK to live and to work. As you are not married you will not be granted a UK settlement visa. As you have no money at this time, it is likely your Thai girlfriend will be refused a tourist visa (UK visitor visa).
The other problem you will face with this application is the lack of evidence to show you have been together for 2 years. The embassy will only believe what you can demonstrate. So if the first emails, letters or calls are 3 months old but you have been together for 3 years, the embassy will only class the relationship as 3 months old.
Your sister will not be able to sponsor your Thai girlfriend; you are in the relationship not your sister.
The problems from the sponsor side are that large that there is no possible chance of a visa being issued at this time. We have not taken into account your Thai girlfriends information. For instance if she was looking after your children in Thailand she is not in full term employment? What about a place to live?

The best advice in this situation is to get your life back on track in the UK. Getting work, some saving behind you and a place to call home. When you have all this in place, then it will be time to look at the visa application.

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