Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thai girlfriend no trust, no visa,

As from January 2010 any clients we take on we ask for a very small deposit and then ask for the balance when the visa has been issued. We need to be sure who is series about getting a visa for their Thai girlfriend to come back to the UK for a holiday.

When clients first approach us we ask many questions about their work in the UK, where they live, how many times they have visited their girlfriend in Thailand, where the Thai girlfriend is in Thailand, does the girlfriend work, if so doing what job etc.

We need to ask certain questions so we can be certain that the client will qualify and is in a position to apply for a UK visa for their Thai girlfriend.

One sponsor that contacted us originally in January 2010 said that he wanted to get a 3 month tourist visa for his girlfriend. Having not heard back from him I contacted him today and asked if he wanted to move forward with the application. He explained that he would like his girlfriend to come to the UK, but doesn’t trust to send her money as he thinks she will run off with it. The lack of trust from this man is some what worrying.

He would like his girlfriend to trust him while she is in the UK, 1000’s of miles away from home and from her supporting friends and family, that he will care for her every need and ensure she remains safe in the UK.

He would also like the British embassy to trust that he will take his responsibilities as a visa sponsor seriously and that he will take care of his Thai girlfriend while she is in the UK.

However he is not able to trust his girlfriend with a small amount of money, an amount of money that he can easily afford to lose. What does that tell me about this relationship? We all know that on many occasions Thai girls will take what money they can and disappear. But we are talking about a small amount of money here. His girlfriend really wanted to visit him in the UK, she had spoken to our staff on several occasions and was excited at the thought of visiting England.

A relationship without trust is no relationship at all, I would imagine that this Thai girl will no longer wait around for him to arrive for a two week holiday. His lack of trust might make him number 2 on the list.

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