Friday, April 3, 2009

Getting your Thai girlfriend into the UK

I am sure you already know that your Thai girlfriend will need a visa to be able to travel to the UK and within this web site – blog there are many pages and posts about this. However to confirm, a Thai girlfriend best option of a visa to the UK is a tourist visa.

Getting your Thai girlfriend into the UK

Getting your Thai girlfriend into the UK, as obvious as they all sound, I will give you a check list of what is required or what is needed.
  • Thai passport
  • UK Tourist Visa
  • Airline ticket return
Ok the list above is real obvious, but what about these suggestions
  • Travel insurance
  • Warm clothing,
  • coats, jumpers, socks, warm shoes.

One of the biggest problems Thai people face while in the UK is the cold, even in the summer Thai people will be cold, very cold. A warm day in the UK lacks humidity and Thai people have lived a life time with the heat and humidity.

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