Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ripped off by a Thailand Visa Company

Ripped off by a Thailand Visa Company

This is a real situation that happens to guys from the UK trying to get a visa for their Thai girlfriend.

When dealing with a visa consultant in Bangkok or Pattaya, do not give them any money. Some of the visa companies offer a no visa - no fee, however they require that you pay money upfront that they will return to your if the visa is refused. Why do they need money upfront, if they are going to give the money back, why do they need it first. Certain visa companies make the application and hope that the Thai lady will be called for an interview. Then if the visa is refused they will say they cannot give you the money back as it was not their doing the visa was refused but was something that the Thai girlfriend had said while in the interview.

If a UK visa application is made correctly the simple fact is that an interview will not be required. Only a shaky visa application will result in an interview.

Then after you have been refused, not only will your money not be return as promised, but also you could be required to pay extra money for the return of your documents. For any guy living in the UK he is to far away to control any of this situation and Thai people naturally do not like confrontation.

Getting ripped off by a Thailand Visa Company.

Take some simple advice and you will not get ripped off by a Thailand Visa company. Do not part with any money without a visa. Do not give any money upfront. Ask for a printed or email explaining the total and final costs.

Do not part with any money without a visa

If the visa company cannot give an exact price for obtaining a visa, you can be sure the price will increase, do not use the services of a company that cannot give you a fixed one off price.

If a Thailand Visa company tells you that you must marry to get a UK visa, they are lying. In fact a settlement visa is much more difficult to obtain than a simple Tourist Visa. The reason the company tries to get you to apply for a Settlement or Fiancee visa is because there fees are higher for this visa.

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