Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Thai common law wife cannot live in the UK

In the UK, if you have lived with a partner with several years, (ie you are a man and they are a lady) you will referred to as common law man and wife. A common law wife, even though is not married to the man has certain rights. If the relationship was to break, then the common law wife would have a lawful claim to assets within relationship, ie home, car, money etc.

When you are in a long term relationship with a Thai national, if they are looking to move to the UK to live, the UK immigration department will not take into account how long you have been together. So being in a common law wife relationship with a Thai national will not help in any way for them to be able to move and live in the UK.

A Thai common law wife cannot live in the UK

Showing the visa officer that you share a house in Thailand, have lived together for 5 years will not get you a visa to allow your Thai common law life to live in the UK.
This is the case even when you have children. The UK immigration department will only give a settlement visa to a Thai lady when she is legally married to the UK man.
There are two ways to get married in Thailand, one is recognized by law and the other will not help you obtain a settlement visa.

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