Monday, January 25, 2010

The 5 steps of grief after being refused a UK Visa

You might laugh, but how will you react if you are refused a UK visa? You will not be happy that is for sure.

From our meetings with British boyfriends these are the steps they go through after their Thai girlfriend have been refused a UK visa

The 5 steps of grief after being refused a UK Visa

  1. Denial — This cannot be so, the embassy has made a mistake, they haven’t read the application correctly, no this isn’t right. We should have a visa, check to make sure that it is our paper work and application.
  2. Anger — I am not having this, I am going to complain to the British ambassador at the embassy. I know people that have got visas and not in the same position as me and my Thai girlfriend. What about all those other people that enter the UK every year to work illegally.
  3. Bargaining — Telephone calls to the embassy pleading “ Please re consider, followed by trips to their local UK MP “Please help me get a visa for my Thai girlfriend we are so in love”.
  4. Depression — "The embassy have got it in for us, we are never going to get a visa. How am I going to spend time with my girlfriend now ?
  5. Acceptance — "Finally understanding that mistakes have been made, and its not the end of the world. Perhaps the visa could be applied for again but this time with a better understanding of what the embassy require.

Getting your girlfriend a visa is not a lottery, it isn’t a game of chance. The secret to getting a visa is good preparation. When the visa application is presented to the UK border officer, he (she) will be looking for more than an application form and black biro pen.

Every statement you make must be backed up with hard evidence. This evidence will take you months to collate and prepare.

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