Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I would like my Thai girlfriend to live with me in the UK.

My Thai girlfriend who i met in Pattaya on holiday is with me in the UK the visa will expire in April 2010. Can we extend the tourist visa here or will she need to return to Thailand?

I would like my Thai girlfriend to live with me in the UK.

I would like my Thai girlfriend to live with me in the UK. I own a business and she would have a job with my company.

Any advice please.

Thai girlfriend is in the UK on a tourist visa

If your Thai girlfriend is in the UK on a tourist visa, she will have no choice but to return to Thailand.

When In Thailand you have three options

1) Wait 6 months then apply for a new tourist visa
2) Get married in Thailand and apply for uk settlement visa
3) Apply for a fiancée visa which will allow her to travel to the UK for 6 months, if in that time you marry, she will then be able to extend the visa for 2 years, after the 2 years she will be able to extend it indefinitely

The good thing about getting the fiancée visa is that you can do most of the work now before she returns in April and then when she returns in April the application could be made within 10 days of her return to Thailand and within 3 more weeks will be returning to you in the UK. You will not need to return to Thailand. Only Fem will be needed here.

We can help you obtain a UK fiancée visa . If you are ready to move forward we will be able to give both you and your partner a list of requirement that you will need to full fill to ensure the embassy will grant a uk finacee visa.

If you would like more information please contact me at any time

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  1. my sons girlfriend is in u.k studying,they want to get married,how do they do this,what do they have to do,please help

  2. If your Sons girlfriend has entered the UK with a Students visa, she will not be able to marry. She will have to return to Thailand where your son could marry her then apply for a UK Settlement visa

    or apply for a Fiancee visa in Thailand and then return to the UK to marry

    If your son or your sons Thai girlfriend are under the age of 21 the embassy will not issue a fiancee visa

    It is important for you to understand, being married will not make it easier to get a UK Visa.